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Some information on this page may be outdated since we launched our new website on March 5, 2018. We will update it as soon as possible.

Why am I asked to create an account or log into it on the website?

As you navigate the Stewards website, you may notice that certain areas require a logon to proceed. This security step  is designed to better serve you and your browsing experience.

With your Stewards account, you can quickly register for community education seminars, volunteer orientations and trainings,  personalized group tours and EcoAdventures, purchase merchandise and special event tickets through our E-Store, make a contribution towards a program or restoration project, record hours, and so much more!

Note: Creating a Stewards account does not guarantee membership or its associated benefits. To receive your 20% discount on seminars, merch and tickets, please consider donating today.       


How do I register for an Orientation/Training/Seminar (OTS)?

To register for OTS, you must first sign in to your Stewards account. You can do this by clicking on the LOG IN tab in the top left corner of the website or by clicking on Events > Orientations & Seminars > Register Online.

Note: The latter option will take you directly to the OTS registration page.

On the OTS registration page, you can search for events by date, by key words, or by expanding the "Show 10 Entries" drop down menu.

Choosing an orientation or seminar will cause a pop-up message to appear, giving a brief description of the event and a place to provide guest information. After you are done viewing this message, click the 'Continue' button at the top.

Note: If you are signing up for multiple OTS, you will need to go through this step each time.

Once your selection is complete, click the RESERVE button at the bottom of the page.

Additional OTS Registration Tips:

  • There is no charge for Docent/Volunteer Orientations.
  • To use your one complimentary seminar that comes with Stewards membership, please leave a note in the notes box. This is not an automatic process.   You must proceed through the payment page (DO NOT enter your credit card info) and click "Authorize" to submit your reservation. Disregard the error message.  We will credit your account after we have received your reservation.
  • Member discounts show up on the payment page.
  • If you are bringing guests or other family, please use the "chargable extras" and "extra  information" fields to indicate the number of people attending with their first and last  names. (Seminar fees may be paid over the phone or on the day of meeting. Participants 17  years or under are FREE.)
  • To view or cancel your reservations at any time, log in to your Stewards account by clicking on the LOG IN tab (if you are already logged in, the tab will say MY INFO) and choose "My Reservations" from your account settings menu.


How do I enter my volunteer hours?

First Tme Users:
Please register as a volunteer for each program before you can record your hours. You have to register for each program (see link above), even if you are already an active volunteer. An active volunteer is a volunteer that has attented a general Volunteer in Parks (VIP) Orientation and signed and submitted official California State Parks paperwork.

Completing Your Timesheet:
Remember to enter a date at the top of the form. The date is whatever day is the last day of completed hours you want to record. Each time you fill out his form and click "Record", your hours are saved and tallied up. You may enter your hours daily, weekly, monthly or however you wish. But, the page will not automatically save if you navigate away from it, so please be cautious if you are entering hours from a large period of time, break it up into "chunks" and enter your information on separate forms. If you are entering from a longer period of time, and see that you have more than 99 hours for a given category, you will also need to break up your hours into separate forms.

What Counts As Volunteer Hours?
Volunteer time is just time that you spend volunteering for your program. Travel time, extra preparation, and other similar time does not count toward your volunteer hours. Volunteer time at home will not count unless you are a coordinator for a program or are working on a specific project as directed by your coordinator or the Stewards staff. See the hours sheet below for categories to see how to sort your time. 

Pinniped and Seabird Monitoring Programs:
Volunteers in these programs are offered a stipend for transportation and meals. If you are volunteer in one of the programs and recieve a stipend, do not enter your hours on this sheet. If you do not receive a stipend, please enter your hours here.

For more information, contact Stewards via  email  or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 0#.



Still need help? Call us at (707) 869-9177 or email stewards@stewardscr.org.

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